Soil Blast 5oz

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Soil Blast is a kelp-based inoculant designed to establish colonies of beneficial bacteria and fungi in horticultural systems.

Soil Blast

Soil Blast is 100% water soluble and designed to instantly activate once diluted into water. In turn, this builds large microbial colonies to optimize your soil, amendments, and organic fertilizers during plant growth. These microbes work in concert with the numerous biological compounds found in Soil Blast, helps provide colony formation.

Application Instructions:

Potted Plants (soil & soiless medium) : Mix 1 teaspoon (0.17 oz or 5 grams) per 1 gallon of water. Apply every 5-10 days
Garden Use:  Mix 1 teaspoon (0.17ox or 5 grams) per 1 gallons of water to be applied up to 500 sq.ft of soil.  Apply every 30
days as needed.  Use or discard solution within 12 hours.  Do not use in hydroponic systerms or brew in reservior.

This product is not registered in Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming.

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