About Us

Supreme Growers

We believe that quality starts at the soil. All of our products are designed around that premise. Our mission is to equip growers with the knowledge and resources to make self-sustainable growing economically viable. As we continue to grow and develop, so will our mission; from the bottom to the top, one gardener at a time.

Our Mission

Our corporate culture is anchored by three core values: Sustainability (environmental, social, and economic), Stewardship (implementing these actions), and Education (informing and encouraging others to join us in our beliefs and actions). Supreme Growers is made up of a team of chemists, biologists, engineers, and educators that support these philosophies. To address our needs as a species, we look first to our needs for nutrition. To address plant needs, we look to the finest solutions nature has to offer. We start in the soil, enriching the microbial expression of beneficial bacteria and fungi.  We then address the plant’s anatomy and develop all-natural products that aid in nutrient absorption from the roots to the fruits and everything in between. Our goal is to provide the cleanest natural products on the market, eliminating environmental degradation, and ultimately providing a Supreme experience for our growers and their gardens.

Our History