Kelp Blast/Supre Myco Tea 5oz Concentrate Bundle by Supreme Growers Compost Tea Beneficial Bacteria and Fungi Enhance Plant Growth - NEW AND IMPROVED TEA HAS DOUBLE THE MICROBES AS PREVIOUS TEA

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Kelp Blast is a 100% soluble kelp extract designed to be used throughout all stages of plant life. For best results, use with Soil Blast and Supre Myco Tea.

Supre Myco Tea is an instant compost tea designed to give you the benefits of a compost tea without the smelly, messy, time-consuming hassle of brewing your own compost tea.

  • Supre Myco Tea is an alll natural compost tea. It makes 29 gallons ready to use product. Dilute 1 tsp. (5 g) of Supre Myco Tea per 1 gallon of water. This allows you to build large amounts of bacteria instantly, which would otherwise be unseen unless you brewed for several days. Contains a proprietary blend of beneficial bacteria and fungi that active instantly upon diluting the product into water.
  • Supre Myco Tea contains blends of beneficial bacteria and fungi (Bacillus spp. & Trichoderma spp.) to enhance soil fertility by building and introducing large colonies of beneficial microorganisms into the soil. The 4 species of endomycorrhizae (Glomus spp.) are added to inoculate, reinvigorate, or fortify the already established colony of mycorrhizae providing lasting benefit till harvest
  • Kelp Blast is 100% all natural, non-toxic, and safe to use. It is ECO friendly. The 5oz size makes 29 gallons ready to use product. Kelp Blast is 100% water soluble derived from ascophyllum nodosum seaweed.
  • Kelp Blast contains essential trace elements and vitamins for healthy plant growth. It is an excellent source of microbial food. Kelp Blast enhances soil fertility with one of nature's superfood.
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