BudCharge, Simply Silica, SupreKelp Fertilizer Bundle 8oz

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Simply Silica, SupreKelp, BudCharge 8oz Concentrates Bundle by Supreme Growers Each 8oz SupreKelp and BudCharge Makes 29 Ready To Use Gallons Simply Silica 8oz Makes 47 Ready To Use Gallons

Simply Silica (0-0-0.5) Premium Potassium Silicate Supplement Simply Silica is a premium silicon product derived from potassium silicate, allowing the plant to absorb and deposit silicon into the plant’s cellular walls. This provides reinforcement to the structure and rigidity of the plant. Simply Silica contains purely potassium silicate, a readily available form of potassium and silicon for the plant without causing salt burn or build-up like similar silicate products. BudCharge (0-0.5-1) Pre-Bloom Supercharger BudCharge is a unique blooming supplement designed to optimize the development and production of floral growth. Comprised of seaweed and minerals, BudCharge contains a unique blend of mechanically extracted seaweeds designed to transition the plant into flowering, and begin producing fruits and flowers. BudCharge contains a blend of 3 different type of kelp, Ascophyllum nodosum and various species of Sargassum and Laminaria. These extracts are then arranged and combined with elements like phosphorus to quicken floral development. SupreKelp (0-0-1) Natural Plant Superfood SupreKelp is a vegetative kelp extract formulated for vigorous plant and root growth. Our proprietary formulation mechanically extracts key compounds within the various forms of kelp responsible for improving plant growth. This extraction process stays away from harsh chemical extraction methods that degrade sensitive compounds found within seaweed. Use SupreKelp once a week from seedling or cutting throughout the vegetative growth phase for vigorous growing plants. SupreKelp is comprised of a blend of 3 different types of kelp; Ascophyllum nodosum and various species of Sargassum and Laminaria.

This product is not registered in Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming.
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