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  • “Please let me tell you about a growth products I am currently using for my giant pumpkins. They are Supreme Growers Products. I would like to say that I have never had such fast growth and healthy plants. In fact my growth this year was so fast that it has put me 1 month ahead of last years season. I live in Whitehall Montana so our weather is cooler then most states in the springtime and this product was such an advantage for me as the weather did not slow the plant growth at all. I will continue to use Supreme Growers Products on my pumpkins and any giant vegetables in the future. These are the best products I have ever put my hands on.

    Bill McClintock

    Whitehall, MT
  • “I've been gardening for years here in South Florida. I love growing cooking herbs, fruits, vegetables, also flowers that attract beneficial insects. This is my first year using Supreme Gardening products, Myco Blast, Kelp Blast, and Simply Silica. I am amazed at my growth rate since using them! And my plants always look happy and healthy! The products even helped me save some plants I didn't think were going to do so good. Thank you Supreme Growers!”

    Rina Pawela

    Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • “I have been growing, farming and cultivating plants of many different varieties and species for going on a little over 20 years, and over that time I have seen and used almost every single plant product you can think of. I am writing this to give my first hand experience with a group of products that are under the company name of Supreme Growers. What I can say is "if you give your plants lots of love they give it right back" and these products are all LOVE for your garden. I will definitely be a return customer and I will continue to let others know about this amazing line up for growers of all skill levels.”

    Anthony Savala

    Stockton, CA
  • “I have been using Supreme Growers this year on my giant pumpkins and have seen amazing results. The plant growth and health is hands down the best I have ever seen in person. It makes me proud when people stop bye and see my patch, they say holy cow them plants are crazy big. I love the Supreme Growers line up and will continue using it and plan on expanding my garden next year. Thank you for making such an amazing product.”

    Robert E. Walden

    West Terre Haute, IN
  • “Hi, My name is Brian Bowman, I live on the Southern Oregon Coast and I'm hobby Gardner. I usually grow a wide variety of herbs, flowers, and vegetables. Once I started using the Supreme Growers products, my soil conditions improved with a very noticeable amount of microbial life under the top dressing of the plants. Plants were standing straight and healthier then ever before. Supre Myco Tea made my plants so happy after every feeding they grew inches every day: faster growth than any years past. One of the most impressive SG products I have used is the BudCharge kelp product. Once I started to use it, my flowering sites appeared to double within days after using. I personally would recommend this fantastic Soil product for any style of gardening.”

    Brian Bowman

    Coquille, OR
  • “We contacted Supreme Growers after using one of their samples [Supre Myco Tea]. We instantly knew we wanted Supreme Growers in our new store. Not only is the product a must for all hydroponic stores, the company goes beyond any I know in this industry to “take care of you”. The bright colorful packaging and shirts our staff and customers love. The mini’s can be used as gift samples to hand a potential customers. Not only are they helpful in getting you started, they offer as much support to your store as needed. A big plus is customers appreciate that top products have been fairly priced. Our small sample display by the register is one of the most fun displays we have. We use Supre Myco Tea in our large brewer and offer free gallons at Anything Grows. It’s a nice little gift to give to loyal customers. We as a store and staff are thrilled with Supreme Growers.”

    Anything Grows LLC

    Richland, WA
  • “I was sitting on the couch and the phone rang and this guy was talking about some packets of compost tea alternative. I got some samples in the mail, I used them in the store, and it works well. Time goes buy I haven’t bought anything from Supreme Growers. James calls and we talk for over a year, and finally we buy a natural rack. As soon as we got it people have come in and tell me how good the product works. We brought in bigger containers of the powder and all the liquids and constantly have to reorder. Caged Tomato owes Supreme Growers a big thank you for all the business and customer service. James has been a pleasure to do business with on day one and even when we did not buy from them.”

    The Caged Tomato

    Denton, TX
  • “The Grow Wizard was one of the first stores in Ohio to get samples of the complete Supreme Growers line. We were blown away by the results these products gave us. In 2 weeks time we went from having tiny little starts of bell peppers to Dark green firm 5" big bell peppers. We immediately ordered all four teas and the 3 liquid's they had to offer us. These guys go above and beyond with customer service. James joined our store for a customer appreciation day and not only did he give away over 200 pack samples but he also sold his own product in our store right from our shelves. All my customers were in awe over his knowledge on growing. The Grow Wizard in Cleveland, Ohio always welcomes Team Supreme to all our Customer Appreciation Days. Thank you for all of your support: we love you guys!”

    The Grow Wizard

    Cleveland, OH
  • “Supreme Growers products are great quality and great price. The single serve packs are a great giveaway to get my customers a chance to see the true benefits of microbes and what they can do to boost your harvest. The support and sales team are some of the best in the industry. They truly stand behind the brick & mortar stores, which not many companies do. I have been in the industry for 15 years and can count on one hand the other companies that offer the support and loyalty to the stores that Supreme Growers do.”

    Endless Spring Organics & Hydroponics

    Shaftsbury, VT
  • “My first experience with Supreme Growers product was the Supre Myco Tea. I was looking for a blackstrap molasses alternative, and decided to give the single serve packs a try. Results were immediate and I quickly proceeded back to the local garden store to buy them out of their remaining stock. “Four years later, and 6 months into opening my own store, Groundworks Garden & Hydroponic Supply Co., not only do I continue to use the Supre Myco Tea, but the entire line of Supreme Gardeners products. We stock the entire line in the shop, and I grow every soil display in the store, as well as my home garden with SG. I recommend adding their line to every customer that comes through the door. Either as a stand alone line, or paired with numerous other products which work amazingly well together. From the smallest hobby and beginner grower using single serve Myco Blast to soak and inoculate seeds, to large outdoor gardeners boosting the soil composition for a 20 acre blue berry patch wi...

    Groundworks Garden & Hydroponic Supply Co.

    Christiansburg, VA

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